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AdhviQ's technology is based on the innovation of a mesh network of nanofibers embedded within non-woven polymer fiber cloth which improves the filtration efficiency of liquid droplets, viruses, and airborne particles. The use of a nanofiber network-based filter allows the mask to be washable without losing its efficiency. Currently available N95 filters rely on the electrostatic charge on a polymer fiber cloth; when washed, they lose the electrostatic charge, making the masks ineffective. Washing masks with soap and water is the best disinfecting method to kill the virus and removes odors. Washable face masks can be re-used up to 10 times or more as long as they are structurally viable. The titania nanofibers which are integrated into the fabric have anti-viral properties that kill viruses upon activation with sunlight or UV light. This technology is expandable to a wide variety of applications ranging from personal protective equipment to homes and industrial HVAC filters. Washable face mask technology is particularly important for stockpiling and enabling their availability at low cost for major populations across the globe.


Data from independent labs are available to support the washable technology.



The above technology has not been certified by government bodies. 

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