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Copper Coated Face Mask

Have you noticed that you are breaking out more often now that wearing masks have become an everyday occurrence? If you are looking to comply with mask mandates but halt the formation of pesky acne, then look no further than the CU Clear Disposable Face Mask!


AdhviQ Technologies has partnered with Deposition Technology Innovations (DTI) Films to create a mask that contains a thin coating of copper on the innermost layer – the layer that touches the skin. Once worn, the mask not only supplies a >95% filtration efficiency but will begin to clear up acne on the face and keep the skin healthy.


This copper technology beings to work as soon as you put the mask on. Copper ions are absorbed into the skin through upregulation. This process causes the secretion of extracellular skin proteins and stabilization of the extracellular matrix once formed.  These proteins are known as collagen and elastin and are important to the formation and healing of new skin. Not only does copper promote the growth of new proteins, copper has unique antioxidant properties that prevent free radicals from damaging your skin and accelerating the natural aging process of the skin. Copper binds to free radicals before they can get to the skin which keeps the toxicity levels of your skin at safe, harmless levels.


When absorbed into the skin, the copper ions offer a biocidal property, meaning the copper ions will fight through the bacterial cell membrane to destroy the DNA and RNA of bacteria. This destruction of DNA and RNA halts mutations from occurring and, thus, the copper ions will always be able to eradicate bacteria.


The antioxidant and ant-bacterial effects copper provides will impede the development of acne on the face and will keep the skin looking (and feeling) smoother, softer, and firmer.


The masks are intended to be worn once then thrown away as the copper layering is only good for one use.


Looking to show the results of wearing this mask off? Send photos to Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook where you could see yourself featured on our page!

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