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Adhviq Technologies

Mask Manufacturer In The USA

AdhviQ Washable 3.png

Washable Mask


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3-ply Disposable Mask

AdhviQ Disposable 2.png

Disposable Mask


Copper Technology

Have you noticed that you are breaking out more often now that wearing masks have become an everyday occurrence? If you are looking to comply with mask mandates but halt the formation of pesky acne, then look no further than the CU Clear Disposable Face Mask...


AdhviQ's technology is based on the innovation of a mesh network of nanofibers embedded within non-woven polymer fiber cloth which improves the filtration efficiency of liquid droplets, viruses, and airborne particles...



AdhviQ's mask products are pending government approval. This notice will be revised as soon as AdhviQ completes the review process. Presently, our mask products are offered for general public use only. To improve filtration efficiency, it is recommended to use a backstrap (clip).

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